Past Moutheater Shows

April 22nd 2014 @ Hook Up in Virginia Beach, VA w/ Enabler, Dieseleater, and Reckoner

April 21st 2013 @ The Taphouse in Norfolk, VA *Ryan Aircraft Birthday Show* w/ Godstopper

December 15th 2012 @ Roger's in Chesapeake, VA w/ Hour Of 13, Druglord, Horseskull, Night Hag, and Whorebath

December 7th 2012 *VENUE SHUT DOWN SHOW CANCELED* @ Aletheia in Norfolk, VA w/ Jucifer and Severance Replay

October 26th 2012 @ Aletheia in Norfolk, VA *Halloween Cover Night* (playing all Nirvana covers as Curmudgeon) w/ 138 (members of various local bands playing The Misfts), Haunting The Chapel (Waiting Mortuary playing Slayer), Cardinal (playing Smashing Pumpkins), and Stonewall (playing Unbroken)

August 11th 2012 @ Aletheia in Norfolk, VA w/ Tendril, Cardinal, and Into The Black

May 1st 2012 @ Aletheia in Norfolk, VA w/ Burning Love, Ancient Torture Techniques, and Stonewall

August 26th 2011 @ Cozumel in Virginia Beach, VA w/ Thou and Lord By Fire

June 7th 2011 @ Double O Recording in Hampton, VA w/ Burning Love, Pharaoh, Rattling Cages, Agress, Night Hag

April 16th 2011 @ The Brick Moose Lodge in Brick, NJ w/ Surrogate, Pharaoh, Fleshtemple, and Old Wounds

March 29th 2011 @ Double O Recording in Hampton, VA w/ Trophy Wives and Pan Galactic Straw Boss

January 8th 2011 @ Double O Recording (Colonial Record Release Show)-Hampton, VA w/ Vicegrip, Last Remaining Pinnacle, and Debris Amour/Pan Galactic Straw Boss (collaborative set)

December 20th 2010 @ The Boxx (Metal Mondays)-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Surrogate

November 20th 2010 @ Double O Recording-Hampton, VA w/ Druglord, Flechette, and Surrogate

July 25th 2010 @ The Candle Haus-Washington DC w/ Pharoah and Surrogate

June 25th 2010 @ The Warehouse-Norfolk, VA w/ Cough and Balaclava

September 26th 2009 @ The Soapbox-Wilmington, NC w/ Pulling Teeth and Day Of Suffering (reunion show)

August 9th 2009 @ The Union Pool-Brooklyn, NY w/ Doomriders, Acid Tiger, and I Hate Our Freedom

August 1st 2009 @ Barnone-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Screen Vinyl Image and Mission Statement

July 17th 2009 @ The Outback Lodge-Charlottesville, VA w/ Kiste, Corsair

July 16th 2009 @ The Resurgence Church-Evansville, IN w/ Feral Sons, Inebriator, Crippled Masters, Advent and others

July 15th 2009 @ The Summer Camp House-Chicago, IL w/ Black Kites and others

July 14th 2009 @ The Trumbullplex-Detroit, MI w/ Deathskin Razors and Sawchuk

July 13th 2009 @ The Vineyard-Kent, OH w/ The Engineer, Sea Skulls, TV Crimes

July 5th 2009 @ The Kempsville Ruritan-Virginia Beach, VA (Ornament Release Show) w/ Surroundings, Heathens, Swallowed Up, Brain Damage

May 24th 2009 @ The Kempsville Ruritan-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Vicegrip, Kingshead, Fight Amp

April 18th 2009 @ The Farm-Powhatan, VA w/ Brain Damage, Mouthbreather, The Catalyst + more

April 17th 2009 @ Amerika-New Brunswick, NJ w/ Swallowed Up, Black Kites, Valens, Fleshtemple + more

April 16th 2009 @ The Stolen Sleeves Collective-Brooklyn, NY w/ Swallowed Up, Zombie Dogs, Black Kites, Hinges

April 3rd 2009 @ MACRoCk-Harrisonburg, VA w/ Pygmy Lush, Young Widows, Mouthbreather + more

February 27th 2009 @ The Boot-Norfolk, VA (24 Seven Cities Sound launch party)

February 7th 2009 @ The Laundromat-Charlottesville, VA w/ Brain Damage, Ugly Law, A Cosmonaut's Ruin

February 6th 2009 @ A Basement-Harrisonburg, VA w/ Brain Damage

October 9th 2008 @ Gil's-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Black Ships, Kingshead

September 23rd 2008 @ Steppin' Out-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Fight Amputation, Trap Them, Kingshead

August 29th 2008 @ Liberty IV-Newport News, VA w/ The Banner, Brain Damage

July 14th 2008 @ The Boot-Norfolk, VA w/ Prideswallower, The Catalyst

July 13th 2008 @ The Meemaw House-Nashville, TN w/ Prideswallower

July 12th 2008 @ Skull Alley-Louisville, KY w/ Prideswallower, Nixon

July 11th 2008 @ The Trap House-Columbus, OH w/ Supercontinent

July 10th 2008 @ The Trumbullplex-Detroit, MI w/ Supercontinent, Blackbirds

July 8th 2008 @ The Midway Cafe-Boston, MA w/ Coctopus and Razormaze

July 7th 2008 @ The Lit Lounge-New York, NY w/ Disnihil

July 6th 2008 @ The Nerve Center-Baltimore, MD w/ Gunna Vahm, Dactyl

May 31st 2008 @ Liberty IV-Newport News, VA w/ Fight Amputation, Disnihil, Lord By Fire, Balaclava

February 23rd 2008 @ The Boot-Norfolk, VA w/ The Ant Hill, The Crimson Electric

January 11th 2008 @ Budda's-Newport News, VA w/ Mile High School, Amen The Animal

January 5th 2008 @ Volume-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Bottled Violence, Endgame, Resonance

December 27th 2007 @ Gil's-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Ruiner, I Rise, Maintain, Moral Dilema, The Alarmed

November 30th 2007 @ Winston's Cafe-Chesapeake, VA w/ Brainlord, Stonethrower, Robosaur

November 24th 2007 @ Double L-Virginia Beach, VA w/ The Fox Hunt and Johnny Utah

October 23rd 2007 @ Gil's-Virginia Beach, VA w/ The Minor Times, The Engineer, Bottled Violence

August 17th 2007 @ Volume-Virginia Beach, VA w/ The Ant Hill, Stifling, Head Molt

July 27th 2007 @ 5th West-Virginia Beach, VA w/ Lord By Fire

June 30th 2007 @ The Blue Plate-Norfolk, VA w/ Black Ranchero